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Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator
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Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator Package. 2185 KW Jenbacher 616 Natural Gas Generator package.

2185 KW Jenbacher 616 Natural Gas Generator. Model J616 GS E11 Gas Generator Set, 11,000 volt, 1500 rpm, 3 Phase, 50 HZ,, Year: 2004, 121,419 hours,

Brand New Alternator in 2020, Hospital takeout..


  • Manufacture: Jenbacher
  • Model: J616 GS E11
  • Fuel Type Natural Gas
  • Configuration: Four Stroke 16 cylinder, turbocharged and spark ignition
  • Year of Manufacture: 2004
  • Hours: 121,419 hrs


  • Manufacture: AVK
  • Year of Manufacture: 2020 (NEW)
  • Voltage: 11,000 volts
  • RPM: 1500 rpm
  • Phase 3 phase
  • Power factor: 0.08 PF
  • Frequency: 50 HZ

Engine Lube Oil Cooling System

  • Lube oil filters
  • Lube oil circulating pump (electric motor driven)
  • Lube oil top up control system

Engine Starting System

  • 3V DC starter motor
  • Lead acid batteries (mounted off engine in enclosure)
  • Battery Isolator (with key)
  • Interconnecting cabling etc. to provide a complete working system

Engine Fuel Gas Train

  • Isolating valve
  • Pressure indicator
  • Gas strainer
  • Solenoid shut off valves
  • Zero pressure regulator
  • Flexible connector to engine
  • Complete with interconnecting pipework etc.. to complete the working system.
  • Also included is secondary regulator

Control System

  • Control Screen for Engine Management System
  • Fitting of Dalkia’s free issue PMS into the control pane complete
  • PLC for Automatic Sequence Control

Automatic Synchronizing

  • Standard Alternator protections
  • G59 Main protection
  • Battery charges
  • Standard instrumentation
  • Local Control Interface

Auxiliaries Panel

  • Housing MCCB;s and direct on line motor starter with a door interlocked main isolator.
  • Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) to enable remote monitoring of the unit from the central monitoring station.
  • Medium and low grade heat dump system including pumps, radiators and supports
  • Fan cooled radiator system to be locating outside the generating hall. The size is to reject all the heat from the engines
  • Cooling system to together with the necessary pumps, supports the header tank

Control and Starter Panels

  • Exhaust Gas ductwork up to the silencer
  • Associated low voltage switch gear and 415V power distribution
  • 11KV Generator circuit breaker panel, allowing Isolation

Engine Management Control system

  • Programmable controller circuit breaker (LV) and electrical components

Engine Cooling System

  • Water circulating pumps
  • Isolating valve
  • Expansion Tank
  • Three way motorized valves (Jacket water end intercooler circuits)
  • Horizontal type radiator with motor driven fans

Jacket Water heat Recovery System

  • Plate brazed heat exchanger in 316 stainless steel in jacket water circuit

Anti-Locking System

  • Lube oil up system
  • 200 liter tank with automatic level make valves and interconnecting pipework


Data Jenbacher 2185 KW Generator   Full loadPart Load 
Fuel gas LHVkWh/Nm³9,5
Energy inputkW[2]5.2314.0542.877
Gas volumeNm³/h*)551427303
Mechanical outputkW[1]2.2461.6841.123
Electrical outputkW el.[4]2.1851.6351.083
Recoverable thermal output
~ Intercooler 1st stagekW29417536
~ Lube oilkW226203166
~ Jacket waterkW408361305
~ Exhaust gas cooled to 488 °CkW~1.155875
Total recoverable thermal outputkW[5]9281.8941.382
Total output generatedkW total3.1133.5292.464
Heat to be dissipated
~ Intercooler 2nd stagekW1789168
~ Lube oilkW~~~
~ Surface heatca.kW[7]192158152
~ Balance heatkW524129
Spec. fuel consumption of enginekWh/kWh[2]2,332,412,56
Lube oil[3]0,67~~
Electrical efficiency%41,8%40,3%37,6%
Thermal efficiency%17,7%46,7%48,0%
Total efficiency%[6]59,5%87,1%85,7%
Hot water circuit:
Forward temperature°C93,0113,8102,8
Return temperature°C73,073,073,0
Hot water flow ratem³/h39,939,939,9
*) approximate value for pipework dimensioning
[_] Explanations: see 0.10 – Technical parameters

Main dimensions and weights (at module)

Lengthmm~  8.300
Widthmm~  2.200
Heightmm~  2.800
Weight emptykg~  24.600
Weight filledkg~  25.600
Hot water inlet and outletDN/PN100/10
Exhaust gas outletDN/PN500/10
Fuel gas (at gas train)DN/PN100/16
Fuel Gas (at module)DN/PN100/10
Water drain  ISO 228G½”
Condensate drainDN/PN65/10
Safety valve – jacket water ISO 228DN/PN2×1½”/2,5
Safety valve – hot waterDN/PN50/16
Lube oil replenishing (pipe)mm28
Lube oil drain (pipe)mm28
Jacket water – filling (flex pipe)mm13
Intercooler water-Inlet/Outlet 1st stageDN/PN100/10
Intercooler water-Inlet/Outlet 2nd stageDN/PN65/10


 Technical data of engine
ManufacturerGE Jenbacher
Engine typeJ 616 GS-E11
Working principle4-Stroke
ConfigurationV 60°
No. of cylinders16
Piston displacementlit99,80
Nominal speedrpm1.500
Mean piston speedm/s11,00
Filling capacity lube oillit530
Filling capacity waterlit270
Weight drykg10.000
Weight filledkg11.000
Moment of inertiakgm²64,96
Direction of rotation (from flywheel view)left
Flywheel connectionSAE 24”
Radio interference level to VDE 0875N
Starter motor outputkW15
Starter motor voltageV24
Thermal energy balance
Energy inputkW5.231
Lube oilkW226
Jacket waterkW408
Exhaust gas totalkW1.695
Exhaust gas cooled to 180 °CkW1.178
Exhaust gas cooled to 100 °CkW1.447
Surface heatkW131
Balance heatkW52
Exhaust gas data
Exhaust gas temperature at full load°C     [8]488
Exhaust gas mass flow rate, wetkg/h11.869
Exhaust gas mass flow rate, drykg/h11.057
Exhaust gas volume, wetNm³/h9.353
Exhaust gas volume, dryNm³/h8.379
Max.admissible exhaust back pressure after enginembar60
Combustion air data
Combustion air mass flow ratekg/h11.477
Combustion air volumeNm³/h8.878
Max. admissible pressure drop in front of intake-air filtermbar10
basis for exhaust gas data:     natural gas: 100% CH4; biogas 65% CH4, 35% CO2
Output / fuel consumption
ISO standard fuel stop power ICFNkW2.246
Mean effe. press. at stand. power and nom. speedbar18,00
Fuel gas typeNatural gas
Based on methane numberMZ d)70
Compression ratioEpsilon11,00
Min. fuel gas pressure for the pre chamberbar3,0 – 4,0
Min./Max. fuel gas pressure at inlet to gas trainmbar80 – 200 c)
Allowed Fluctuation of fuel gas pressure%± 10
Max. rate of gas pressure fluctuationmbar/sec10
Maximum Intercooler 2nd stage inlet water temperature°C40
Spec. fuel consumption of enginekWh/kWh2,33
Specific lube oil consumptiong/kWh0,30
Max. Oil temperature°C80
Jacket-water temperature max.°C95
c) Lower gas pressures upon inquiry
d) based on methane number calculation software AVL 3.1
Sound pressure level
Aggregate b)dB(A) re 20µPa101
31,5         HzdB83
63            HzdB90
125          HzdB96
250          HzdB98
500          HzdB97
1000        HzdB95
2000        HzdB94
4000        HzdB94
8000        HzdB92
Exhaust gas a)dB(A) re 20µPa119
31,5         HzdB109
63            HzdB119
125          HzdB128
250          HzdB117
500          HzdB115
1000        HzdB114
2000        HzdB111
4000        HzdB106
8000        HzdB91
Sound power level
AggregatedB(A) re 1pW123
Measurement surface136
Exhaust gasdB(A) re 1pW127
Measurement surface6,28
a)  average sound pressure level on measurement surface in a distance of 1m according to DIN 45635, precision class 2.
b)  average sound pressure level on measurement surface in a distance of 1m (converted to free field) according to DIN 45635, precision class 3.
Operation with 1200 rpm see upper values, operation with 1800 rpm add 3 dB to upper values.
Engine tolerance ± 3 dB

Technical data of generator

TypeDIG 130 k/4
Type ratingkVA2.800
Driving powerkW2.246
Ratings at p.f. = 1,0kW2.185
Ratings at p.f. = 0,8kW2.165
Rated output at p.f. = 0,8kVA2.706
Rated current at p.f. = 0,8A149
Permissible overspeedrpm2.250
Power factor lagging0,8 – 1,0
Efficiency at p.f. = 1,0%97,3%
Efficiency at p.f. = 0,8%96,4%
Moment of inertiakgm²110,00
Radio interference level to VDE 0875N
ConstructionIMB 24
Protection ClassIP 23
Insulation classF
Temperature (rise at driving power)F
Maximum ambient temperature°C40
Total harmonic distortion%5,0

Reactance and time constants

xd   direct axis synchronous reactancep.u.2,27
xd’  direct axis transient reactancep.u.0,28
xd”  direct axis sub transient reactancep.u.0,17
Td”  sub transient reactance time constantms20
Ta   Time constant direct-currentms70
Tdo’  open circuit field time constants3,20

Technical data of heat recovery

General data – Hot water circuit

Total recoverable thermal outputkW928
Return temperature°C73,0
Forward temperature°C93,0
Hot water flow ratem³/h39,9
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar10
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar1,40
Maximum Variation in return temperature°C+3/-20
Max. rate of return temperature fluctuation°C/min10
Mixture Intercooler (1st stage)

Typegilled pipes
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar10
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar0,40
Hot water connectionDN/PN100/10
Mixture Intercooler (2nd stage) (Intercooler separate)

Typegilled pipes
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar10
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar0,40
Hot water connectionDN/PN65/10
Heat exchanger lube oil

Typeplate heat exchanger
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar10
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar0,40
Hot water connectionDN/PN100/10
Heat exchanger engine jacket water

Typeplate heat exchanger
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar10
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar0,40
Hot water connectionDN/PN100/10
Exhaust gas heat exchanger

Type shell-and-tube
Exhaust gas pressure drop approxbar0,02
Exhaust gas connectionDN/PN500/10
Nominal pressure of hot waterbar6
Pressure drop hot water circuitbar0,20
Hot water connectionDN/PN100/10


Jenbacher 2185 KW J616 Gas Set


  • Category : Gas
  • Offer Type : For Sale
  • Quantity : 1
  • Electrical Output : 2185 KW
  • Type of Equipment : Reciprocating
  • Manufacture : Jenbacher
  • Model : J616
  • RPM : 1500
  • Fuel Type : Natural Gas
  • Year of Manufacture : 2004
  • Hours of Operation : 121,000
  • Condition : Used
  • Alternator : AVK
  • Frequency : 50 HZ
  • Voltage : 11,000 volt
  • Phase : 3
  • Mounted Type : Open Skid Mounted
  • Electrical Equipment : Control Panel, Circuit Breaker
  • Installed/uninstalled : Uninstalled