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Pumps Oil Sands Pipeline NEW Surplus (2) Centrifugal Export Oil Pumps with Booster Pumps

 Detailed Presentation (PDF)

Two (2) Pumps fixed to a Three Point baseplate. The special design provides a blast load resistant structure.  The Pumps are designed to export oil on a FPF1 platform for offshore processing. The export of hydrocarbons extracted from the North Sea continental shelf.

Export of oil on the FPF1 platform is carried out by two Main Pumps Type API 610 BB5 pumps and Model: TMP MESB 150.11. Pumps consist of 11-stage barrel pump design. Manufactured with ASTM A743 CA6NM material. Each pump is coupled to a 1500 KW (1.5 MW) electric motor working under the inverter.

Inverter Information

The inverter was necessary to guarantee the pumps working range under the various conditions in the development of the oil field. Flow rate of 170 m³/h with the head ranging from of 1,350 m to 2,073. This would be obtained by increasing speed from 2,720 rpm up to 3,280 rpm. The use of the inverter also proved necessary to increase the pumping pressure. This would remove wax obstructions that could be generated during the pumping Stop. This could occur at typical North Sea temperatures and with the possibility to reach up to 2,584 m at 3564 rpm with a flow rate reduced to 120 m³/h.

Oil Rig Export Pumps

Type of Pump

The booster pumps are Type API 610 OH2 and Model TMP 100 AP 50.  With power of 132kW, a head of 122m and a capacity of 185m³/h.  The export oil pumps are coupled to the booster pumps. Both the main and booster pumps were designed with double pressurized mechanical seals of the API PLAN 53/b.

The unforgiving weather combined with rough seas and North Sea temperatures require the main centrifugal pumps to have a stable environment. Therefore the pumps were installed on a Three Point baseplate. The design provided a structure that was blast load resistant.

The offshore certification has represented an essential component of these pumps. The offshore project required the highest certification that went beyond the usual requirements for other offshore projects. Certification of CE marking and ATEX certification, along with the Lloyd’s Register as Inspection & Verification body for marine classification, of Bureau Veritas as third party inspector and of T.U.V. for the P.E.D. related activities.

Oil Pumps Specifications

API 610 MESB Pump Design

Advanced Pump Technology

Horizontal between bearings, double casing radially split multistage pumps (barrel pumps) API 610/ISO 13709 (BB5) MESB (single entry impellers) are full cartridge pull out pumps, diffuser or volute type, designed according to API 610 Std., latest edition.

The cartridge includes rotor with impellers either in-line or in back to back arrangements, intermediate casing, cover-heads, mechanical seals and bearing housings. The cartridge can be easily withdrawn without disconnecting the pipe flanges and without moving the driver. The overall design went even further to take into consideration interface loads higher than usual for this type of application.

Barrel Casing

Therefore, Barrel casings can be forged or cast solution, centerline or foot mounted, depending on application. Nozzles are normally top-top configured but other solutions are also possible. On the discharge side, the barrel is closed either by the traditional cover with stud bolts or by shear ring, the later solution being limited to 300 bar and 250°C operating conditions.

The share ring design reduces maintenance downtime. Generally, the pumps are provided with tandem impeller arrangement, and the residual axial thrust is compensated by the balancing drum or balancing disk.

When the pumped liquid specific gravity is low and the number of stages is very high, a back-to-back impellers assembly is used, in order to ensure better rotor dynamic behavior of the pump and to minimize the residual axial thrust.

A first stage double suction impeller is used for low NPSH conditions. Intermediate take-off stage solution is available. Radial and thrust bearings can be of either antifriction or hydrodynamic type, depending on operating conditions or customer requirement. Forced lubrication, oil ring or oil mist lubrication systems are possible.

Operating Range and Applications 

Operating Range

  • Capacities: up to 2,500 m3/h
  • Heads: up to 6,000 m
  • Pressures: up to 650 bar
  • Temperatures: from -30°C to +420°C
  • Speeds: up to 7,500 rpm


Upstream – Midstream & Downstream
– Oil Well Water Injection
– Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale
– Hydrocarbon Pipelines
– Hydro Treating
– Hydro Cracking
– Catalytic Cracking
– Residuum & Heavy Oil Upgrading
– Gas Treating & Sulphur Recovery
– Gas Reliquefication



Export Oil Pumps

Pump Diagram


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  • Type of Equipment : Oil Rig Centrifugal Pumps
  • Model : API 610 MESB
  • Year of Manufacture : 2020
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